Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Useful Links

In this section I post what I term useful links, i.e. those that have a degree of informational content, rather than just opinions asserted with no accompanying argument or indeed evidence:

Pro- and Anti- HS2 in the media -summary

BBC page with Pros and Cons

Japan's new Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Magelev compared to HS rail (Bloomberg)
(despite falling population, cities continue to expand, boosting travel demand?)

Pro-rail peer Lord Berkely argues for more freight benefits, and of the unsatisfactory interregnum period (2026-2033) before the second pahse is ready

Inst of Eng. and Tech., Royal Acad of Eng. report 2011 - a discussion from an engineering point of view
Journey time improvements, from the above link. Note the best improvents are north from Birmingham, and also the Manchester and Leeds to London times.

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